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  • 2016 Database feedback forum - Developer feedback

    We think this worked really well again. There has been some feedback on the database post-release, but compared to 2014 and before when we weren't doing this, the level of feedback is minimal. This works so well.

    I'm just going through deleting my posts with these screenshots in, I'm going to leave this forum and feedback posts live.

    Hopefully people will see this thread and forum and be around for it next year. I'd like to get these screenshots up a bit earlier next year, I've also got some ideas to expand it.

    For new people reading this, we've been posting screenshots of domestic team squads and national pool player list before release of the game for the last couple of years

    A massive thank you to everyone that helped.

    Childish Things

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    Thanks Sureshot, it was nice to have the opportunity to give input before release and see those changes implemented. It's great to see more young players in the international pools - hopefully in some long saves these players can be developed into international players rather than relying on regens.